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Discover the Beauty of Semi-Permanent Makeup

We believe and celebrate the transformative power and innate beauty of semi-permanent makeup.

Cinzia's commitment is to help you enhance your natural beauty with an array of treatments, including microblading, microshading, lip blush, full lip color, eyebrow, and eyeliner treatments.

Her aim is to instill within you a level of self-assurance and the freedom to enjoy a low-maintenance yet striking look. Cinzia's services go beyond enhancing your features; they are designed to boost your self-esteem.

Popular services

Popular Treatments

Cinzia offers a selection of premium and specialised treatments which are expertly crafted to perfection with top of the range tools.

She will ensure that your experience is pleasurable and enjoyable, leaving you with a stunning look and enduring results.

For captivating eyes, the Eyelining procedure delivers defined and alluring eyes that are sure to turn heads.

For a semi-permanent makeup treatment that delivers vibrant, long-lasting lip enhancement and gives a more pronounced look, try Full Lip Colour.

Her Microblading service will transform your eyebrows, creating a natural and symmetrical look that frames your face flawlessly.

For added depth and dimension, Cinzia's Microshading technique achieves a soft, powdered effect, giving your brows a fuller appearance.

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