Full Lip Colour


Full Lip Colour


Full Lip Colour: Elevate Your Lip Aesthetics

Experience the captivating allure of Full Lip Colour, a semi-permanent makeup treatment that delivers vibrant, long-lasting lip enhancement. Similar to Lip Blush, this technique extends beyond lip borders, infusing your entire lip area with rich, semi-permanent pigments for a more pronounced and colourful look.

Reimagine Lip Beauty: Full Lip Color Treatment

Explore the artistry of Full Lip Colour, a transformative treatment that awakens your lips with a burst of radiant hues. Whether you seek to amplify your natural lip shade or experiment with striking colors, Full Lip Colour is designed to enhance your lips' vibrancy, leaving a lasting impact.

Cinzia Forte - Lips

Full Lip Colour: £500


Please Note: We require a £50.00 deposit at the time of booking.

Artful Precision: The Full Lip Colour Experience

Our skilled technicians bring precision to Full Lip Colour application, seamlessly blending pigments to complement your skin tone and preferences. This meticulous approach guarantees lips that radiate charm and sophistication, accentuating your overall appearance.

Enduring Brilliance: The Assurance of Full Lip Colour

Unlike conventional makeup, Full Lip Colour maintains its brilliance over time. The semi-permanent pigments adhere to your lips, ensuring color longevity from morning to night. No matter the occasion, your lips will remain a focal point of elegance.

Customized Expression: Tailored to You

Full Lip Color offers personalised options to match your individuality. Collaborate with our experts to select shades and intensities that resonate with your style, creating a lip aesthetic that aligns with your unique personality.

Unveil Your Beauty: Experience Full Lip Colour

Elevate your lip game with the transformative potential of Full Lip Colour. Discover a realm where your lips radiate vibrancy and make a statement with every smile. Our commitment to artistry ensures your Full Lip Colour experience is a journey of self-expression.

Experience the captivating charm of Full Lip Colour – where your lips become a canvas of vivid beauty. Let your lips speak volumes and redefine your aesthetic with each smile.

Contact Cinzia to unleash the power of Full Lip Colour – a declaration of vibrancy, a tribute to artistry, and an embodiment of you.

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