Personalised Consultation and Allergy Test: Your Journey to a Confident Look

An essential step on your journey to effortless beauty is the offer of a tailored all-inclusive consultation and allergy test service that's both informative and reassuring.

Consultation: Unveiling Your Unique Vision

Stepping into our realm of transformational beauty, the consultation becomes your compass. During this pivotal session, intricately woven into your treatment day visit, we'll have a comprehensive discussion about any aspirations, desires and outcomes which align with your needs. Cinzia will carefully listen to your preferences, mapping out a strategy that crafts a result perfectly suited to you. This consultation isn't just a formality – it's a personalised experience that sets the foundation for your beauty journey.

Cinzia Forte - Consultation with Client

Consultation: £15


Allergy Test: A Step Towards Confidence

In the commitment to your safety and comfort, Cinzia extends an option for an allergy test as part of your consultation. She understands that concerns about allergies, skin compatibility or medical considerations are valid and essential. The patch test is a proactive measure to ensure your experience is smooth and worry-free. This small step assures you of a secure and delightful treatment, free from unwanted reactions or discomfort.

Why Choose Our Consultation and Allergy Test?

The consultation and allergy test service is a reflection of Cinzia's dedication to providing you with the utmost care and professionalism. By engaging in this thorough process, you're not only safeguarding your well-being but also setting the stage for an exceptional transformation. This service is designed to give you confidence, peace of mind and the knowledge that your unique needs are being met with expertise and precision.

Start the journey that's built on trust, precision and tailored guidance. Allow the consultation and allergy test service to lead you to the beauty you've always envisioned – one that's seamlessly aligned to you.

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