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Cinzia Forte - Lips

Full Lip Colour

Experience the captivating allure of Full Lip Colour, a semi-permanent makeup treatment that delivers vibrant, long-lasting lip enhancement. Similar to Lip Blush, this technique extends beyond lip borders, infusing your entire lip area with rich, semi-permanent pigments for a more pronounced and colourful look.
Cinzia Forte - Eyeliner


Experience the world of eyeliner transformation crafted by Cinzia Forte, where the enchantment of permanent eyeliner invites you to embrace timeless beauty. Immerse yourself in the artistry of micro pigmentation, unveiling eyes that captivate with charm and distinction.
Cinzia Forte - Lip Blush

Lip Blush

In the world of lip enhancement, the power of permanent lip makeup transforms your lips into a canvas of beauty and allure. Explore Cinzia's two specialised treatments – lip liner and lip blush – each tailored to enhance your lips' shape, fullness, and symmetry.
Cinzia Forte - Consultation with Client


Take a vital step towards effortless beauty with our personalized, all-inclusive consultation and allergy test service. Our expert team ensures a tailored approach that not only delivers valuable information but also instills confidence and reassurance throughout your journey. Experience the perfect blend of knowledge and peace of mind.
Cinzia Forte - Microshading and Powder


Microshading is a transformative cosmetic process that goes beyond the limitations of traditional cosmetics and gives you gorgeous, naturally defined eyebrows. This ground-breaking method combines artistry and accuracy to produce a masterpiece of semi-permanent makeup that enhances your brows and highlights your individual attractiveness.
Cinzia Forte - Eyebrows


Learn about the transformational power of Microblading, a cutting-edge brow treatment that completely changes the way you look with meticulous accuracy and creative refinement. This innovative method employs a superfine array of needles to gently deposit pigments into the skin, creating incredibly lifelike, hair-like strokes.
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